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Woodford Thoroughbreds

Scott Kintz,
(859) 420-1875
5201 NW 144th PL
reddick, FL 32686
United States
About Us: 

John Sykes acquired the Ocala property in 1997, transforming it into a full-service training facility. He later purchased the Kentucky property which now serves as the main breeding farm.

With a top-notch facility and state of the art training grounds, Woodford Thoroughbreds provides horses every opportunity to become the best they can be. This big farm facility with a small farm feel means there are no short cuts when it comes to the care and safety of the horses. A dedicated staff with nearly 200 years of combined experience, insures things are done right, focusing on quality over quantity. Members of the Woodford team, including grooms, veterinarians and trainers look at each horse individually, to design and pursue a program that fits its unique needs.