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New Mexico

Executive Director: 
Anna Fay Davis
4836 Hardware Dr NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
(505) 262-0224
(505) 265-8009
About Us: 

Restricted Races: 

Mixed meets offer 3 per day excluding trials

In 2019 the funds added to restricted NM Bred Stakes was $3,082,500.00. The funds added to restricted NM Bred Overnight races was $2,665,750.00. The funds added for New Mexico Breds In open overnight races was $631,287.

Restricted Stakes Races: 


Purse Supplement in Open Races: 

20% increase of purse for 1st-3rd

Owners Awards: 

40% of Fund distributed in Nov. annually 1st-3rd. Races in NM

Breeders Awards: 

Breeders Awards are distributed annually in November for races in NM for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers. Breeders also receive a 10% Track Breeders Award for any New Mexico Bred that wins any race in New Mexico.

In 2019 the 10% Track Breeder Awards came to $1,297,325.60



Stallion Awards: 

7% of Fund distributed in Nov. annually 1st for races in NM

Out of State Awards: 


Breed-Back Rule: 


Distribution Purses: 

Purse $5,518,400

In total, New Mexico Breds made $11,614,969.70 in additional purses and awards in 2019.


Distribution Awards: 

The Incentive Awards came to $3,938,107,00 in 2019

Registration Fees: 

$80.00 Individual

Partnership,Farm or Syndicate $110

Weanlings                           $60

Yearlings                              $150

Two Year Olds                   $1,000

Older Horses                      $2,000