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NYSGC Nixes McPeek’s Request for Clarity in Quarantine Entry Snafu

Mon, 2021-11-08 17:31

 SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1   The New York State Gaming Commission (NYSGC) on Monday denied a request by trainer Ken McPeek to bring clarity to the process of how and when Thoroughbreds coming out of a quarantine can be allowed to enter races.

   Back on July 15, another trainer's horse in the barn McPeek shared at Saratoga Race Course tested positive for equine herpesvirus (EHV-1). State agriculture officials, the New York Racing Association, and the NYSGC then imposed a 21-day quarantine of the entire barn retroactive to July 11, which is a common precaution in such EHV-1 outbreaks.

   The understanding was that if no other horses got sick during that time frame, the entire stable would be released from quarantine and allowed to race as of Aug. 1.

   But when McPeek tried to enter seven horses just days in advance of the quarantine's expiration for the Aug. 1, 4 and 5 cards, the entries were denied by the Saratoga stewards because the horses were still under quarantine at the time those entries were to be taken.

   After being unable to make any headway on his own, McPeek retained New York-based attorney Drew Mollica, who reached out to the stewards on July 30, some 3 1/2 hours before the Aug. 3 card was drawn, in hopes that a hearing could be held and the McPeek horses could begin running as soon Aug. 4.

   Mollica told TDN at that time that he had sent emails and placed phone calls to NYSGC steward Braulio Baeza Jr. and to the commission itself, but none of the messages yielded a reply.

   Mollica wanted to point out that a recent precedent should have been used as a template in the matter: He said that in January 2018, trainer Linda Rice was allowed to pre-enter a horse coming out of an EHV-1 quarantine prior to the actual expiration of that restriction.

   Eventually, McPeek's horses were allowed to enter races at the Spa after Aug. 1. But he and his clients had already missed out on purse-earning opportunities. Some owners had made plane and hotel reservations to come to Saratoga to see their horses run, and jockeys had given up other mounts to commit to ride the McPeek stable's horses that the trainer thought would have been able to race.

   McPeek then had Mollica formally appeal the situation to the NYSGC, seeking a declaratory judgment arguing that the stewards' position was arbitrary and capricious. McPeek also wanted NYSGC to adopt quarantine race-entry protocols so he and other horsemen would know what to expect in the future, and he asked for equitable relief to assuage the financial injury to himself and his owners.

   During the NYSGC's Nov. 8 meeting, all three of those requests were denied.

   The case was not discussed and ruled upon by commissioners during the open, public meeting. Instead, executive director Robert Williams read a prepared statement that stated the commissioners had previously heard the arguments and had designated commissioner Peter Moschetti to rule on the matter.

   “Following consideration of submissions, commissioner Moschetti found that a declaratory judgment was not available, as the time to enter horses in the desired races had passed, and that there was no longer an existing controversy that would have a direct and immediate effect upon the rights of the parties,” Williams stated.

   “Commission Moschetti also found that the granting of the relief sought would constitute issuing an advisory opinion which was not allowable under the facts and circumstances of the matter,” Williams stated.

   “Finally, commissioner Moschetti found that directing the commission to create a protocol or rule for the future to decide the issue [that was] raised was beyond the scope of the appeal,” Williams stated.

   After the meeting, Mollica told TDN via phone that he wasn't sure if there would be a next legal step for McPeek to seek remedy. But he said it's imperative that the NYSGC address the stewards' inconsistencies in how they handled the 2018 and 2021 EHV-1 entry situations.

   “While the commission chose not to delve into the facts and suggested that they procedurally had no power, the reality is that the actions of the stewards were completely contradictory to the actions they had taken in 2018 in the matter of Linda Rice,” Mollica said.

   “The horse had the exact same virus. It was exactly the same quarantine, and they allowed her to enter the day before the quarantine ended,” Mollica said.

   “It is my hope that although they didn't decide it on the merits, that Mr. McPeek's efforts brought this egregious situation to light, and that they will address it administratively in the near future, because Mr. McPeek brought the inconsistency of their actions to light,” Mollica said.

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CHRB Issues Juvenile Turf Clarification

Mon, 2021-11-08 16:02

Amidst its ongoing investigation of the erroneous scratch of eventual purse-money-only winner Modern Games (Ire) (Dubawi {Ire}) from last Friday's GI Breeders' Cup Juvenile Turf, the California Horse Racing Board issued the following update Monday:

“Concerning the 10th race at Del Mar on Friday, November 5, the Breeders' Cup Juvenile Turf: Upon review of available videos showing the horses in the gate prior to the start of the race, the CHRB has determined that #1 Modern Games (IRE) did not rear up in the gate, as was initially reported to the CHRB by the veterinarians at the gate. The starter and assistant starter took protective steps by leading the horse out of the front of the gate. The horse did not break through the gate on its own, as was originally thought.”

Prior statements from the CHRB referenced Modern Games rearing up and hitting the back of the gate.

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Three Jockeys Get $11K in Total Fines for BC Whip Violations

Mon, 2021-11-08 15:05

Jockeys Florent Geroux and E. T. Baird were fined $5,000 each by the stewards at Del Mar Thoroughbred Club for exceeding the California Horse Racing Board (CHRB)'s six-strikes-per-race limit on their mounts in Breeders' Cup races.

In addition, jockey Tom Eaves got fined $1,000 for raising his whip above shoulder level prior to a strike.

All of those actions were deemed to be in violation of CHRB Rule 1688, which mandates six-strike, underhand-only, no-more-than-two-hits-in succession whipping with crops that are designed to deliver lower-impact blows.

The two $5,000 fines are the highest levied for whipping infractions at any CHRB-sanctioned track since the more humane whip rules went into effect in the state in 2020.

In fact, they are believed to be the highest fines levied in a Thoroughbred race in North America since the advent of stricter whipping rules in many jurisdictions over the past two years.

Although the rulings posted on the CHRB's website did not specify the exact number of strikes administered by each jockey, Daily Racing Form has quoted the Del Mar stewards as saying Geroux delivered seven hits and Baird nine.

Terry Meyocks, the president and chief executive officer of the Jockeys' Guild, told TDN via phone Monday morning that he believed the fines were excessive and provided another example of why the sport in North America needs a uniform whipping rule.

“Flo [Geroux] has been riding basically the last 14 years. He's a well-respected rider and very accomplished. And then going over [the strike limit by one hit] it's a $5,000 fine? I just think it's over the top,” Meyocks said. “I don't think it's in [anybody's] interest to fine a jock $5,000 for going over the limit once.

“E.T. Baird, he's been riding since 1985, so that's 36 years. He comes to California [to ride occasionally], but still, you just can't change overnight what you've been doing for 36 years. And there's no warning and it's a $5,000 fine?”

With respect to the British-based Eaves, Meyocks said, “You've got to take into consideration European riders. How they ride, it's totally different than the America riders, their style. Going over [the shoulder] and he got fined? It's just [not] common sense here.”

Geroux finished second, beaten 5 1/4 lengths, on Juju's Map (Liam's Map) in the Nov. 5 GI Juvenile Fillies.

Baird rode One Timer (Trappe Shot) to a ninth-place finish in Friday's GII Juvenile Turf Sprint.

Eaves was aboard Glass Slippers (GB) (Dream Ahead), the defending victress in the GI Turf Sprint. On Nov. 6 she finished eighth in that same race. Eaves has ridden Glass Slippers in 19 of the mare's 20 lifetime races dating to 2018.

The penalization part of Rule 1688 reads: “During a race, if a jockey rides in a manner contrary to this rule, the stewards shall impose a minimum fine of $500. A greater fine or a minimum of three suspension days, or both, can be imposed, if, in the opinion of the stewards, the violation is egregious or intentional.”

Geroux took to Twitter Monday morning, writing a post that seemed to indicate he didn't realize the monetary penalty could be so high.

“I would gladly pay the fine the stewards gave me over the weekend if [jockeys] knew what the fines were going to be,” Geroux stated.

But the Del Mar stewards had made it a point to meet with the riders just prior to the Breeders' Cup to explain Rule 1688 and how they would be enforcing it. And according to Meyocks, the stewards did discuss how high the fines could be.

“I wasn't there, but I think [the stewards] were talking there was much more [in dollar amount] that they could go up to. I heard a number that could be a lot higher.”

When TDN asked Meyocks if he believed that discussion constituted fair warning about the potentially high fines, he said, “Yes. But again, the problem I have with the stewards [meeting with jockeys] at any racetrack [is] all the jocks aren't there at the same time…. That's why it's important to have one rule throughout the United States that's in the best interest of the game.”

In a separate ruling, Geroux was fined $100 for missing the Saturday morning film review that included his Friday infraction.

A CHRB spokesperson said that as of Monday afternoon, no appeals had been filed by the three Breeders' Cup jockeys, who have 72 hours from the issuance of the rulings to contest them.

If the CHRB had not altered its whipping penalty structure back in April, those $11,000 in aggregate Breeders' Cup fines could have been even higher.

In an attempt to discourage riders from disregarding the number of times and manner in which a Thoroughbred can be struck with the whip–particularly if the jockey believed the reward of winning a multi-million-dollar stakes outweighed the cost of incurring a smaller fine or suspension–a previously proposed penalty structure called for docking jockeys 50% of purse earnings if they over-whipped while finishing first, second or third in graded stakes.

But when the Guild and other stakeholders argued in March that going after purse money was too harsh, the CHRB revised that aspect before that part of the rule went into effect.

At that March meeting, CHRB vice chair Oscar Gonzales had said that “this rule is [about] making sure that the upcoming Breeders' Cup goes off [more] smoothly than anything else.” He articulated a concern that the combination of two days of

Grade I stakes and too weak a penalty scheme could create “a wild west type of a situation” in which jockeys openly flouted Rule 1688.

In terms of scale, the only recently comparable whip-related sanction in North America was a $5,000 fine and 20-day suspension levied against a New Jersey harness driver back in June.

Joe Bongiorno was penalized for whipping his pacer so indiscriminately during a Meadowlands race that the judges deemed his actions caused a three-horse spill that injured one rival horse so severely it had to be euthanized. In New Jersey, whipping a horse to make it run faster is prohibited in Thoroughbred racing but permitted with restrictions in Standardbred races.

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Hollendorfer Files Motion for Preliminary Injunction to Race at Santa Anita

Mon, 2021-11-08 14:16

Trainer Jerry Hollendorfer, barred from The Stronach Group (TSG)-owned facilities since June of 2019, has filed a motion for preliminary injunction to be able to enter and race horses under his name at Santa Anita for the upcoming 2021-2022 winter/spring meet–the latest salvo in an ongoing legal feud between the Hall of Fame trainer and various corporate entities under TSG umbrella.

According to a filing with the Los Angeles County Superior Court, dated Sept. 26, Hollendorfer requests the preliminary injunction to prohibit the owners of Santa Anita Park from “unlawfully attempting to bypass or otherwise usurp” the California Horse Racing Board's (CHRB) authority to “supervise and control” the horse race entry process.

“The requested injunction will maintain the status quo which exists at all other non-TSG owned race meets in the State,” the filing states, pointing out that Hollendorfer has been permitted to enter and run his horses at all other CHRB-licensed facilities, and that no formal regulatory action has been made against him.

According to the filing, Hollendorfer does not seek stalls at Santa Anita as he maintains a barn at Los Alamitos Racecourse, “and intends to continue stabling and training horses there while entering and racing his horses at SAP, during the upcoming meet, subject to review by the CHRB Stewards.”

The filing adds that Hollendorfer “will suffer further irreparable harm to his business and occupation without the injunction. Plaintiff is 75 years old and has significant underlying medical conditions. The upcoming race meet at SAP may be Plaintiff's last chance to salvage his profession.”

The TDN understands that a hearing at LA County Superior Court is scheduled for Nov. 19.

TSG banned Hollendorfer–formerly one of California's most prolific trainers numerically–from its facilities after four of his horses were catastrophically injured during Santa Anita's six-month 2018-2019 winter/spring meet, when the track experienced a well-publicized spike in equine fatalities.

Since then, Hollendorfer has been engaged in a series of legal battles designed to open the door for his broad return to the California racing scene.

Hollendorfer's ongoing legal tussle with the operators of Santa Anita dates back to Sept. 26, 2019, when he filed his initial lawsuit, and the following month, when LA County Superior Court denied his application for a temporary restraining order.

Hollendorfer filed his initial lawsuit against the Pacific Racing Association–the corporate operators of Golden Gate Fields–on Aug. 12, 2019, in Alameda County Superior Court. That Court also subsequently denied Hollendorfer's application for a temporary restraining order, and the case is similarly ongoing.

Hollendorfer is also engaged in ongoing litigation against the CHRB and the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club. These cases are being heard in the Superior Court of San Diego County.

In an emailed statement to the TDN, TSG attorney, Richard Specter, wrote, “We believe that the Motion for Preliminary Injunction and underlying arguments remain without merit (for the same reasons previously found by both the Los Angeles and Alameda County Courts), and shall rely upon our responsive pleadings in that regard.”

Hollendorfer's motion for preliminary injunction lays out a series of arguments not only claiming that the CHRB's board of stewards have exclusive authority to refuse an entry by a licensed trainer, but that through months of discovery, TSG's reasons for banning Hollendorfer have proven meritless.

Among the key arguments posited, the filing claims that TSG chief veterinary officer, Dionne Benson, has “admitted she has no personal knowledge of any unsafe practice or safety violation by Hollendorfer.”

The filing claims that Santa Anita's association veterinarian, Dana Stead, “admitted the stories he told about Plaintiff's alleged negligence were false and/or based entirely on hearsay, without any basis in fact,” and adds that during a meeting on May 26, 2019, between representatives of the California Thoroughbred Trainers (CTT) and those from TSG, “CTT representatives did not make the disparaging statements about Hollendorfer that Defendants rely on to support their ban.”

Hollendorfer's stable, the filing states, has shrunk from more than 120 horses in California to an average of just 10, with another 25 to 30 horses traveling between three to four other states.

According to Equibase, Hollendorfer has trained 32 winners and earned $1,498,536 in prize money thus far this year. In 2018, he trained 176 winners and accrued $7,191,756 in prize money.

Hollendorfer's attorney, Drew Couto, declined to comment for the story.

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Silver State Stud Fee Set at $20K

Mon, 2021-11-08 13:43

Claiborne Farm announced Monday that this year's GI Hill 'n' Dale Metropolitan H. winner Silver State (Hard Spun) will stand for $20,000 for the 2022 breeding season. It was announced last month that Claiborne had acquired the Steve Asmussen trainee's breeding rights. Campaigned by Winchell Thoroughbreds LLC and Willis Horton Racing LLC, the $450,000 KEESEP yearling was completing a six-race win streak in the Met Mile, and defeated GI Breeders' Cup Classic winner Knicks Go (Paynter) in the process. Silver State will be available for inspection later this week by appointment. Contact Bernie Sams for more at 859-987-2330.

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Stars Come out Tuesday for Fasig-Tipton November Sale

Mon, 2021-11-08 03:54

The Fasig-Tipton November Sale returns Tuesday with another stellar line-up of marquee offerings, with bidding on the first of 274 catalogued offerings scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. at Newtown Paddocks. The auction begins with a selection of 135 catalogued weanlings and then proceeds into what has perennially been a blockbuster offering of fillies and mares.

“We're excited and enthusiastic–we have a fabulous catalogue for the November sale,” said Fasig-Tipton President Boyd Browning.

The 2021 November sale has plenty to live up to from its eye-popping 2020 renewal, which was topped by champion Monomoy Girl (Tapizar), who sold for $9.5 million to Spendthrift Farm. The mare was one of 12 purchased by the Spendthrift team on the night for a total of $25,030,000 and one of 22 overall to top the seven-figure mark a year ago.

“There are big shoes to fill from 2020,” Browning acknowledged. “Our November sale last year was exceptional–we were playing at the top end of the market and we had unbelievable support from Spendthrift who spent $25 million at our sale in one night here last year. The international participation was very, very strong. I think it will be very strong again this year. But it was 2020 November and if you go back and review the notes, it was a really, really good sale.”

While the recently concluded yearling sales season, which ended just two weeks ago with a record-setting Fasig-Tipton October sale, produced competitive bidding from start to finish, Browning sounded a note of caution heading into the bloodstock sales.

“As we head into November, I think it's important that consignors and sellers be realistic that we haven't seen 50% increases overall across the board in the marketplace,” Browning said. “Obviously 2020 was somewhat difficult at times, but the November sales were much stronger than the yearling and 2-year-old sales were in 2020. So consignors and sellers don't need to get caught up in some unrealistic euphoria. I think it will be a strong and healthy market across the board for quality offerings in November. But let's make sure that everyone remains realistic and we keep everything in balance in terms of the scales between buyers and sellers and be very pleased with selling into a healthy marketplace.”

In all, 142 head sold at the 2020 November sale for a gross of $80,237,000 and an average of $565,049, a gain of 6.3% from 2019. The median was $200,000, down 33.3% from the prior year.

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Rockefeller Wires the Nashua

Sun, 2021-11-07 16:07

Rockefeller went wire-to-wire to win the GIII Nashua S. at Belmont Park Sunday. The bay colt, sent off at 4-5, sprinted out to the early lead and was pressed by Speaking (Mr Speaker) through a quarter in :23.02 and a half in :46.75. Cooke Creek rolled up four wide to challenge entering the lane, but the favorite shrugged off that foe in upper stretch and scampered clear to an authoritative victory.

“I knew the other horses would break from there running, but we have a lot of speed, so Bob [Baffert] told me to break from there and send him and see if they can keep with us,” said winning jockey Luis Saez, who was riding Rockefeller for the first time. “That was the plan, to break from there running. He kept at it. He's a very talented horse. He's still learning but he has a lot of talent. I think he's going to be a nice horse. It was great to get the mount.”

A front-running debut winner sprinting six furlongs at Del Mar Aug. 28, Rockefeller was coming off a fourth-place effort behind Friday's GI Breeders' Cup Juvenile winner Corniche (Quality Road) in the Oct. 1 GI American Pharoah S.

Pedigree Notes:

Rockefeller is a son of 2013 GI Ballerina S. winner Dance to Bristol. The mare has a yearling colt by Candy Ride (Arg)–who sold for $400,000 to Mike Ryan at this year's Keeneland September sale–and a weanling filly by Into Mischief.

The juvenile is the 84th graded winner for Medaglia d'Oro and the 39th graded winner out of a Speightstown mare.

Sunday, Belmont Park
NASHUA S.-GIII, $150,000, Belmont, 11-7, 2yo, 1m, 1:36.66, ft.
1–ROCKEFELLER, 118, c, 2, by Medaglia d'Oro
1st Dam: Dance to Bristol (GISW, $980,880),
                                by Speightstown
                2nd Dam: Dance to Dawn, by Louis Quatorze
                3rd Dam: Expressive Dance, by Riva Ridge
Ylg '20 KEESEP). O-SF Racing LLC, Starlight Racing, Madaket
Stables LLC, Stonestreet Stables LLC and Robert E. Masterson;
B-Colts Neck Stables LLC (KY); T-Bob Baffert; J-Luis Saez.
$82,500. Lifetime Record: 3-2-0-0, $142,500. Werk Nick
   Rating: B+. Click for the eNicks report & 5-cross pedigree.
2–Cooke Creek, 120, c, 2, Uncle Mo–Genre, by Bernardini.
O-Cheyenne Stable LLC; B-Candy Meadows LLC (KY);
T-Jeremiah O'Dwyer. $30,000.
3–Judge Davis, 118, c, 2, Distorted Humor–Mylitta, by Sky
Mesa. ($280,000 Ylg '20 FTKSEL). O-Courtlandt Farms (Donald
& Donna Adam); B-Edward A. Seltzer (KY); T-Claude R.
McGaughey III. $18,000.
Margins: 2 3/4, 2 3/4, 2 3/4. Odds: 0.80, 9.20, 3.80.
Also Ran: Midnight Worker, Cairama, Speaking.
Click for the chart, the PPs or the free catalogue-style pedigree. VIDEO, sponsored by TVG.

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Knicks Go Possible for Pegasus

Sun, 2021-11-07 15:35

Korea Racing Association's Knicks Go (Paynter), fresh off an emphatic victory in the GI Longines Breeders' Cup Classic at Del Mar Saturday, could cap his career in the Jan. 29 GI Pegasus World Cup at Gulfstream Park, trainer Brad Cox confirmed Sunday.

“If he comes out of it good and he trains well, we'll point for the Pegasus,” Cox said. “It's a good purse, it's a surface he likes and if he's doing well, there have been horses that won the Breeders' Cup and ended their careers with that, between the likes of Gun Runner and City of Light. It's always a nice race that you can pick off hopefully before going off to stud.”

Knicks Go is expected to begin his stud career at Taylor Made Farm next year.

The $3-million Pegasus could also be the target of Saturday's GI Big Ass Fans Breeders' Cup Dirt Mile winner Life Is Good (Into Mischief).

“That's what we'd spoke about prior to the race that our sort of two-race plan was the Mile and then stretch him out farther in the Pegasus,” trainer Todd Pletcher said Sunday. “He certainly ran well enough to proceed in that direction if everything goes smoothly, but we haven't really had any time to really firmly discuss our entire plans yet. I'm sure once everybody gets back to their headquarters, we'll have that conversation.”

China Horse Club and WinStar Farm's Life is Good, knocked off the Triple Crown trail earlier this year by an ankle chip, was a narrow second in his comeback race, the seven-furlong GI H. Allen Jerkens Memorial at Saratoga and won the one-mile GII Kelso H. by 5 1/2 lengths Belmont Park Sept. 25 before his Breeders' Cup victory.

“It was everything that we were hoping for and then maybe even more,” Pletcher said of Saturday's victory at Del Mar. “The horse had trained spectacularly coming into the race and I felt like he was sitting on a big race. When he broke cleanly, you could tell they were going quickly and there were some other horses trying to be involved. My first concern was just, hopefully, he hadn't gone too fast, but it seemed like he was relaxed and settled. In spite of the fact that he was rolling right along, he was doing it comfortably. I think that's kind of what we've come to expect from him. He's one of those horses that's extremely fast, has a very high cruising speed and the ability to continue doing it. What was even more impressive to me than the :21 and four and :44 and change and 1:08 and change, is that he essentially won geared down. Then Irad [Ortiz] had to reach up and grab a hold of him in the middle of the turn. Galloping out, he was still full of horse. I don't think he could have been any more impressive.”

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Essential Quality to Stand for $75,000

Sun, 2021-11-07 14:55

Essential Quality (Tapit–Delightful Quality, by Elusive Quality), last year's champion 2-year-old and winner of this year's GI Belmont S. and GI Runhappy Travers S., will begin his stud career next year at a fee of $75,000, Darley in America announced Sunday. Essential Quality concluded his racing career with a third-place effort in Saturday's GI Longines Breeders' Cup Classic.

“His body of work is just tremendous: an Eclipse champion at two, a Classic winner at three, a son of Tapit with a fantastic female family,” said Darley Sales Manager Darren Fox. “He's already generated quite a lot of interest and we couldn't be more excited about him retiring to Jonabell Farm.”

Essential Quality won eight of 10 starts, including last year's GI TVG Breeders' Cup Juvenile and GI Claiborne Breeders' Futurity, as well as this year's GII Jim Dandy S. and GII Toyota Blue Grass S. He retires with earnings of $4,755,144.

Also retiring to Jonabell in 2022 is Grade I winner Maxfield (Street Sense–Velvety, by Bernardini), who will stand for $40,000. The 4-year-old is expected to make his final career start in the Nov. 26 GI Clark H. at Churchill Downs.

Winner of the 2019 GI Claiborne Breeders' Futurity, Maxfield has won this year's GII Alysheba S. and GII Stephen Foster S. and is coming off runner-up efforts in the GI Whitney S. and GI Woodward S.

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Ruby Lips, Dam of Lone Rock, Added to Fasig November

Sun, 2021-11-07 10:05

After an impressive weekend from two of her progeny, Ruby Lips (Hard Spun–It's a Ruby, by Rubiano), the dam of multiple graded stakes winner Lone Rock (Majestic Warrior) who won the GII Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance S. on the Breeders' Cup undercard in track-record time on Saturday, has been added to the Fasig-Tipton November Sale, according to the sales company. Yesterday's win pushed Lone Rock's earnings over $1 million.

She is also the dam of the GI stakes-placed Gerrymander (Into Mischief), who won the Tempted S. at Belmont Friday. She sells as hip 274 in foal to leading third-crop sire Constitution.

Ruby Lips was a graded stakes placed performer as a two-year-old and comes from the immediate family of GI winners Hard No To Like and Firery Ensign.

“Ruby Lips is a great addition to our catalogue,” said Fasig-Tipton President Boyd Browning. “Rarely does a broodmare have a weekend like this with her two of her offspring winning impressively at the top levels. Her first foal is a multiple graded stakes earner of over $1,000,000 and set a new track record, while her current two-year-old is a stakes winner and Grade I-placed in just four starts. She's the complete package and in foal to the red-hot stallion Constitution.”

The entry is now available online and will also be available in the equineline sales catalogue app. Printed versions of the supplemental catalogue will be available on the sales grounds at sale time.

The Fasig-Tipton November Sale is scheduled to take place this Tuesday, Nov. 9 in Lexington, Kentucky and begins at 2 p.m.

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Ortiz, Jr. Wins Fourth Straight Shoemaker Award

Sat, 2021-11-06 23:27

Edited Press Release 

Irad Ortiz Jr. won his fourth consecutive Bill Shoemaker Award, given to the most outstanding jockey at the Breeders' Cup World Championships at Del Mar.

The Shoemaker Award goes to the jockey who won the most races in the 14 World Championship races this weekend with the tiebreaker being a 10-3-1 point system for second- through fourth-place finishes.

Ortiz and William Buick both won three races, but Ortiz also had a runner-up finish and three fourth-place finishes while Buick finished fifth with his only other mount.

Ortiz won the first Championship race of the weekend on Twilight Gleaming (Ire) (National Defense ({GB}) in the GII Breeders' Cup Juvenile Turf Sprint and then added Saturday victories in the GI Breeders' Cup Turf Sprint with Golden Pal (Uncle Mo) and the GI Big Ass Fans Breeders' Cup Dirt Mile with 'TDN Rising Star' Life Is Good (Into Mischief).

Buick also had one victory Friday on Modern Games (Ire) (Dubawi {Ire} in the GI Breeders' Cup Juvenile Turf and then two on Saturday with Space Blues (Ire) (Dubawi {Ire}) in the GI FanDuel Breeders' Cup Mile presented by PDJF and Yibir (GB) (Dubawi {Ire}) in the GI Longines Turf.

Two other riders posted multiple wins: Joel Rosario and Jose Ortiz.

Rosario took the richest race of the weekend, the $6 million GI Longines Breeders' Cup Classic with Knicks Go (Paynter) and Friday's GI NetJets Juvenile Fillies aboard 'Rising Star' Echo Zulu (Gun Runner).

The Shoemaker Award is named in honor of one of the greatest jockeys in the history of Thoroughbred racing. Bill Shoemaker, who captured the Kentucky Derby four times, won 8,833 races in a career that spanned more than 40 years. In 1987, at age 56, Shoemaker won the Breeders' Cup Classic aboard Ferdinand at Hollywood Park.

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Record Handle For 38th Breeders’ Cup

Sat, 2021-11-06 23:15

Edited Press Release

Total all-sources common-pool handle for the two-day Breeders' Cup World Championships at Del Mar Thoroughbred Club was $182,908,409, a new record for the two-day event.

The total represents a 4.7% increase over the prior record of $174,628,986 set when the event was held at Santa Anita Park in 2019 and a 14% increase from the total handle of $160,472,893 at the 2020 event held at Keeneland Race Course in Lexington, KY.

Total common-pool handle on Saturday's 12-race Breeders' Cup card was a record $121,562,392. All sources common-pool handle on Breeders' Cup's 10-race Future Stars Friday card was $61,346,017, also a new record for a Breeders' Cup Friday. This is the fourth consecutive year that Breeders' Cup grouped all its juvenile races together on Friday.

“We had an extraordinary two days of racing showcasing the best Thoroughbreds from around the world and we want to thank our partners here at Del Mar, who did an amazing job, and the greater San Diego community, our gracious hosts this week,” said Breeders' Cup President and CEO Drew Fleming. “The Breeders' Cup is a truly global event with winners this weekend bred, raised and raced on three different continents.”

On-track handle for the two days was $19,032,307, while on-track attendance for the two days was 47,089. Due to precautions related to COVID-19, Breeders' Cup and Del Mar reduced ticket capacity for the 2021 event.

“Our team at Del Mar was thrilled to host this year's renewal of the Breeders' Cup,” said Josh Rubinstein, Del Mar's President and Chief Operating Officer. “We want to extend our congratulations to all of this weekend's participants. They put on an amazing display of world-class competition.”

The Breeders Cup World Championships will return to Keeneland in 2022.

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Going, Going, Gone: Knicks Go All the Way in Classic

Sat, 2021-11-06 21:00

DEL MAR, CA – On paper, the scratched-down field of eight for Saturday's $6-million GI Breeders' Cup Classic appeared to have more than its share of speed to keep 5-2 morning-line favorite Knicks Go (Paynter) company on the front end in his first attempt at 1 1/4 miles. It didn't.

With the sunset providing a magnificent backdrop as the octet left Del Mar's 1 1/4-mile chute, the stunning gray, off as the co-second choice at 3-1, broke like a shot beneath Joel Rosario from post four and quickly was clear passing the wire for the first time to the roar of 26,553.

The Korea Racing Authority colorbearer traveled comfortably through an opening quarter in :23.16 as GI Woodward S. winner Art Collector (Bernardini) chased in second with star 3-year-olds Medina Spirit (Protonico) and Hot Rod Charlie (Oxbow) a joint third rounding the clubhouse turn. Always traveling well within himself, Knicks Go sped to the backstretch through a half mile in a sharp :45.77 as Rosario began to let it out a notch.

Art Collector had enough at this point and Knicks Go enjoyed a two-length advantage on the far turn and cornered to the best part of the track in the four path. Hot Rod Charlie had daylight to work with toward the inside, and the 9-5 favorite Essential Quality (Tapit), just a spot behind him, crept closer as well while Medina Spirit began to wind up widest of all.

Knicks Go was still going plenty strong down the center as they came for home, however, and never gave the star-studded sophomore class a chance, running away to win by 2 3/4 powerful lengths while stopping the timer in an eye-catching 1:59.57.

Controversial GI Kentucky Derby winner and last out GI Awesome Again S. winner Medina Spirit ran a big one to outbattle all of his classmates once again to finish second. It was another 3/4 lengths back to GI Belmont S. winner and 2-year-old champion Essential Quality in third. Hot Rod Charlie was fourth while adding blinkers off his drifting GI Pennsylvania Derby win.

This is the eighth Breeders' Cup win for last year's Eclipse Award Outstanding Trainer Brad Cox, who saddled four winners on the 2020 program at Keeneland, including a GI Breeders' Cup Dirt Mile tally with Knicks Go. Knicks Go becomes the sixth horse to win two different Breeders' Cup races.

“He ran a tremendous race,” Cox said. “Obviously, the race went really well. He broke and was able to establish position early. Once he was able to do that, he's a hard horse to catch. I'm very proud of him.”

Was Cox surprised to see Knicks Go so free on the lead?

“I kind of felt like if they did try to go with him, they may jeopardize their own opportunity to win the race. Speed's very dangerous and he was obviously fit, ready to run, happy, doing well,” Cox said.

Rosario also won the 2018 Breeders' Cup Classic aboard Accelerate. This is his 15th career Breeders' Cup win.

“We had a beautiful trip,” Rosario said. “He does exactly what he wants to do. I tried to save as much as I could, because we had a mile and one quarter to go. But he was going easy. At the quarter pole, he just took off again. He's just an amazing horse.”

It's been a career year for Rosario as he closes in on an Eclipse Award. He also won Friday's GI Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies aboard Echo Zulu (Gun Runner).

“Thankful for all the people like Brad [Cox] giving me a lot of opportunities, also a lot of other trainers and the great people that I have,” Rosario said. “They helped me. And thanks to all the people that are really supporting the sport and thankful that I'm having the year that I have.”

Knicks Go, previously trained by Ben Colebrook during his two and 3-year-old seasons, won the 2018 GI Claiborne Breeders' Futurity at a hefty 70-1 and followed up with a second-place finish at 40-1 in the GI Breeders' Cup Juvenile.

Transferred to Cox following a disappointing sophomore campaign, Knicks Go was ridden aggressively from that point forward and used his speed as a weapon to spectacular wins in the 2020 Dirt Mile at Keeneland and this term's GI Pegasus World Cup Invitational S. at Gulfstream Jan. 23. Following a pair of disappointing fourth-place finishes in the $20-million Saudi Cup Feb. 20 and the GI Hill 'n' Dale Metropolitan H. at Belmont June 5, he's been absolutely unbeatable since.

Knicks Go got back to his best form returning two turns after receiving a confidence booster when airing in the GIII Cornhusker H. at Prairie Meadows in July with a gaudy 113 Beyer Speed Figure. He entered the Classic off dominating tallies in Saratoga's GI Whitney S. Aug. 7 and the GIII Lukas Classic S. at Churchill last time Oct. 2. For good measure, the runner-up Independence Hall (Constitution) in the latter returned to romp in last weekend's GII Hagyard Fayette S. at Keeneland.

“I'm extremely pleased with the result today,” Korea Racing Authority's Jin Woo Lee said.

“It had been a rough time when he was three years old, but we overcome the hard year and then turned the corner and then he's become as special horse. And actually winning the Breeders' Cup was the ultimate goal at the beginning of the year and we achieved that win, so he can go off feeling good and we want to say thank you to everybody.”

Pedigree Notes:

Knicks Go, slated to stand at Taylor Made upon the conclusion of his racing career, stands alone as the only Grade I winner to date for Paynter, who has four graded winners among his 19 black-type winners. The breeding of Knicks Go has been well-documented, with his dam's last two matings being significantly upgraded: Kosmo's Buddy has a yearling filly by Justify and a filly by Ghostzapper of this year. Ghostzapper, like Paynter, is a son of Awesome Again. She was bred back to Uncle Mo for 2022. Knicks Go, the fifth Maryland-bred generation of his family, is one of 10 stakes winners out of daughters of the Danzig sire Outflanker.

The Moore family's GreenMount Farm claimed the two-time stakes winner Kosmo's Buddy for $40,000 in her penultimate career start at Monmouth in 2010. She RNA'd for $195,000 at the 2018 Fasig-Tipton Kentucky Fall Mixed Sale.

“He's built for American racing on the dirt,” Cox said of Knicks Go. “That's what he's done and I'm hopeful that he'll pass that on to his offspring. I think he's got everything it takes to be a stallion. He's a Grade I winner at two–obviously Ben Colebrook was responsible for that, he did a great job with him. He was a Grade I winner at four and five. He's traveled around the world and he's a very tough, durable horse. He's extremely sound. And I think we're in a day and age where horses go to stud so early and he's a little bit of a throwback horse in that he's raced at four and five and raced as much as he has. So very proud of what he has accomplished and hopefully he'll pass it on as a stallion.”

Saturday, Del Mar
LONGINES BREEDERS' CUP CLASSIC-GI, $5,400,000, Del Mar, 11-6, 3yo/up, 1 1/4m, 1:59.57, ft.
1–KNICKS GO, 126, h, 5, by Paynter
               1st Dam: Kosmo's Buddy (MSW, $298,095), by Outflanker
               2nd Dam: Vaulted, by Allen's Prospect
               3rd Dam: Aube d'Or, by Medaille d'Or
($40,000 Wlg '16 KEENOV; $87,000 Ylg '17 KEESEP). O-Korea
Racing Authority; B-Angie Moore (MD); T-Brad H. Cox; J-Joel
Rosario. $3,120,000. Lifetime Record: 24-10-3-1,
$8,673,135. Werk Nick Rating: F. Click for the eNicks
report & 5-cross pedigree.
2–Medina Spirit, 122, c, 3, Protonico–Mongolian Changa, by
Brilliant Speed. ($1,000 Ylg '19 OBSWIN; $35,000 2yo '20
OBSOPN). O-Zedan Racing Stables, Inc.; B-Gail Rice (FL);
T-Bob Baffert. $1,020,000.
3–Essential Quality, 122, c, 3, Tapit–Delightful Quality, by
Elusive Quality. O/B-Godolphin, LLC (KY); T-Brad H. Cox.
Margins: 2 3/4, 3/4, 1. Odds: 3.20, 6.80, 1.90.
Also Ran: Hot Rod Charlie, Stilleto Boy, Art Collector, Tripoli, Max Player. Scratched: Express Train.
Click for the chart, the PPs, or the free catalogue-style pedigree. VIDEO, sponsored by TVG.

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Team Godolphin’s Huge Weekend Continues in Turf

Sat, 2021-11-06 19:59

It wasn't a completely straight-forward weekend for Team Godolphin, given the unfortunate events prior to Friday's GI Breeders' Cup Juvenile Turf which resulted in the scratching of Albahr (Ire) (Dubawi {Ire}). Stablemate Modern Games (Ire) (Dubawi {Ire}) eased that disappointment with a convincing victory (for purse money only) in the Friday finale, and Yibir (GB) (Dubawi {Ire}) capped a Saturday double for Sheikh Mohammed's operation with a fast-finishing victory in the GI Longines Breeders' Cup Turf, giving jockey William Buick, trainer Charlie Appleby and Darley's Dubawi three winners over the course of the two-day meet. Broome (Ire) (Australia {GB}) ran a cracking race to be second ahead of Teona (Ire) (Sea The Stars {Ire}) in third.

Allowed to find his footing and taken back to sit near the tail of the field, Yibir switched off fairly in the early stages, as Tribhuvan (Ire) (Toronado {Ire}) and Acclimate (Acclamation) put the better part of eight lengths on their rivals as the field raced past the grandstand first time around. Tribhuvan was the clear leader racing under the wire and the pace was honest enough, as they turned up the backstretch following six furlongs in 1:12.41. Last and racing to the inside of Gufo (Declaration of War) with five furlongs to travel and with defending champion Tarnawa (Ire) (Shamardal) just ahead of him, Yibir began to lengthen his stride on the turn and raced in the slipstream of Tarnawa into the final 2 1/2 furlongs. Pulled out about five wide at the head of the lane as Broome came calling for the lead outside of Channel Maker (English Channel) about six lengths ahead of him, Yibir began gobbling up the ground and 'swept' past Broome in the final 20 yards for the victory. Teona ran on gamely for third, while Tarnawa was up and down in the stretch, finishing a disappointing 11th.

“To be honest with you, I thought he was doing too much,” admitted Buick. “But then once we turned into the back, he dropped the bit and he was in a good mile-and-a-half, steady rhythm and I was just hoping that he stayed there for the finish. Halfway around the home turn, I could see Broome had gone, but I was always confident of picking him up. He's been an amazing turn of foot and I couldn't pull him up after the line.”

Twice a winner from four starts as a juvenile, Yibir was third in the G3 Sandown Classic Trial Apr. 23 and fourth as the favorite in the Listed Dee S. around tight-turning Chester May 6 ahead of a runner-up effort in the Listed Cocked Hat S. at Goodwood 15 days later. Subsequently gelded in an attempt to extract more consistency, the lengthy chestnut was victorious in the G3 Bahrain Trophy in July and won the Aug. 18 G2 Great Voltigeur S. at York two starts later. Ineligible for the G1 St Leger S. as a geldingm Yibir shipped stateside for the Jockey Club Derby Invitational Sept. 18 instead at Belmont and came with a powerful sweeping run into the lane to overwhelm his peers by 2 1/2 lengths.

Appleby indicated Yibir could be a candidate for races like the G1 Longines Dubai Sheema Classic during the upcoming Dubai World Cup Carnival at Meydan Racecourse.

Pedigree Notes:

With the victory, Yibir becomes the 48th top-level scorer for Dubawi, now the sire of four Breeders' Cup winners following his productive weekend.

Yibir is a full-brother to connections' Wild Illusion (GB), winner of the G1 Prix de l'Opera and G1 Nassau S. and runner-up to Sistercharlie (Ire) (Myboycharlie {Ire}) as the favorite in the 2018 Filly & Mare Turf. Yibir's second dam was a German highweight, while the extended female family includes Royal Highness (Ger) (Monsun {Ger}), winner of the GI Beverly D. S. and dam od MGSW Free Port Lux (GB) (Oasis Dream {GB}).

Rumh is the dam of Yibir's unraced 2-year-old full-brother Wild Crusade (GB) and a yearling colt by Breeders' Cup Turf runner-up Golden Horn (GB).

Saturday, Del Mar
LONGINES BREEDERS' CUP TURF-GI, $3,680,000, Del Mar, 11-6, 3yo/up, 1 1/2mT, 2:25.90 (NCR), fm.
1–YIBIR (GB), 122, g, 3, by Dubawi (Ire)
                1st Dam: Rumh (Ger) (SW-Eng), by Monsun (Ger)
                2nd Dam: Royal Dubai (Ger), by Dashing Blade (GB)
                3rd Dam: Reem Dubai (Ire), by Nashwan
1ST GRADE I WIN. O/B-Godolphin, LLC (GB); T-Charles
Appleby; J-William T. Buick. $2,080,000. Lifetime Record:
MGSW-Eng, 12-6-1-2, $2,895,580. *1/2 to Really Special (GB)
(Shamardal), SW-Eng, SP-UAE, $108,180; Full to Wild Illusion
(GB), G1SW-Eng, MG1SW-Fr, GISP-USA, $1,590,217. Werk
Nick Rating: A+++. Click for the eNicks report & 5-cross
2–Broome (Ire), 126, h, 5, Australia (GB)–Sweepstake (Ire),
by Acclamation (GB). (€120,000 RNA Ylg '17 GOFOR;
150,000gns Ylg '17 TATDEY). O-Masaaki Matsushima, Mrs.
John Magnier, Michael B. Tabor, & Derrick Smith; B-Epona
Bloodstock Ltd (IRE); T-Aidan P. O'Brien. $680,000.
3–Teona (Ire), 119, f, 3, Sea The Stars (Ire)–Ambivalent (Ire),
by Authorized (Ire). (280,000gns Ylg '19 TATOCT).
O/B-Rabbah Bloodstock LLC (IRE); T-Roger Varian. $360,000.
Margins: HF, 1HF, 1HF. Odds: 8.50, 9.50, 9.80.
Also Ran: Japan (GB), Channel Maker, Bolshoi Ballet (Ire), Sisfahan (Fr), Rockemperor (Ire), Walton Street (GB), Gufo, Tarnawa (Ire), Astronaut, Tribhuvan (Fr), Acclimate. Scratched: Domestic Spending (GB), Friar's Road, Mogul (GB), United.
Click for the chart, the PPs, or the free catalogue-style pedigree. VIDEO, sponsored by TVG.

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Japan’s Marche Lorraine Pulls Off Distaff Shocker

Sat, 2021-11-06 19:32

Japan celebrated its first-ever Breeders' Cup victory three races earlier with logical GI Breeders' Cup F/M Turf heroine Loves Only You (Jpn) (Deep Impact {Jpn}), and added a shocking tally in the GI Breeders' Cup Distaff as 45-1 Marche Lorraine (Jpn) (Orfevre {Jpn})–also trained by Yoshito Yahagi–out-nosed 12-1 Dunbar Road (Quality Road) after the pace completely fell apart. GI Kentucky Oaks heroine Malathaat (Curlin) was a non-threatening third, while heavily favored Letruska (Super Saver) never found her rhythm, chasing hot early fractions and backing out of it on the turn to finish second last.

Marche Lorraine won three of eight last term, all at the listed level, and kicked off her 2021 campaign with a pair of scores–in the TCK Jo-o Hai at Ooi in January and the Empress Hai at Kawasaki in March. She was third in Chukyo's G3 Heian S. against males over muddy ground in May, and eighth at 54-1 in the 10-panel Teio Sho June 30, again over a wet track and in open company back at Ooi. The bay entered this off a snug 1 1/4-mile victory in the Breeders' Gold Cup at Mombetsu Aug. 21, but looked a decided outsider on paper, and would've likely been tough for many take at less than 100-1, even with Sunday's TDN already in hand.

Marche Lorraine broke towards the back and was third last into the first turn as Letruska was beaten to the front by rail-drawn GII Zenyatta S. winner Private Mission (Into Mischief). They were clearly moving right along, and the splits were posted as :21.84, :44.97 and 1:09.70, with the crowd letting out audible gasps each time Larry Collmus announced another fraction. Letruska briefly took over entering the home turn, but last year's GI Kentucky Derby heroine Sherdaresthedevil (Daredevil) immediately pounced on her three deep and the closers were winding up to have their say. Marche Lorraine knifed through horses rapidly while joined by Royal Flag (Candy Ride {Arg}) approaching the stretch, and had a slight edge as they straightened. Four foes had legitimate chances to run Marche Lorraine down in the final furlong, but she kept plugging away bravely to just find the line from a lunging Dunbar Rode down inside.

“I didn't know a whole lot about Marche Lorraine,” admitted British champion jockey Oisin Murphy. “Her trainer, Mr. [Yoshito] Yahagi, I ride a lot for in Japan and a fair bit for overseas. I've ridden for him in Dubai and Hong Kong. And he doesn't normally travel unless they have a chance… I tried to ignore her odds and just give her every chance in the run and hopefully she could finish off. And to be honest, we were obviously a hostage to fortune, I sat out the back, and they went quite quick. So we needed them to do that, but it was a brilliant performance.”

The winning conditioner's translator offered: “Traveling with [one filly] from Japan wasn't the ideal plan, and so Marche Lorraine was a good partner for Loves Only You. And Marche Lorraine had three victories over turf in Japan [further back in her form] and Mr. Yahagi was thinking that for horses to be competitive in the dirt in the U.S., need to have some sort of speed, which means like winning turf races in Japan.”

Owner U. Carrot Farm is a syndicate which has campaigned the likes of Group 1 winners Lei Papale (Jpn) (Deep Impact {Jpn}) and Lys Gracieux (Jpn) (Heart's Cry {Jpn}). Marche Lorraine has some 400 shareholders and the club syndicates approximately 50-70 horses per year.

It was a frustrating week for top trainer Chad Brown, who had to scratch two of his best Breeders' Cup hopes in Jack Christopher (Munnings) and Domestic Spending (GB) (Kingman {GB}) before taking tough beats in both of the races won by the Japanese fillies.

“I need to watch the replay,” he said of Dunbar's Road's runner-up performance. “It's a tough beat. I thought we got the head bob, there. It's probably the toughest loss I've ever had. It's just a shame because it's two years in a row where she really should have won the Distaff. She got a bad trip last time too [when third]. No one can convince me otherwise. She had some trouble down the backside and she ended up on the inside where I really didn't want her. The track is better outside. It just happened that way. Jose [Ortiz] did the best he could and she gave a valiant effort. I'm really proud of her. It's a shame her career ended this way. I thought she was a deserving winner of this race.”

As for Letruska, who already seemed to have champion older mare honors in the bag before the Distaff, trainer Fausto Gutierrez said, “I think maybe she found the pace too fast. When it's :21 and :44, it's very difficult. When its :21 and :44, it's impossible to run with these fractions.”

Pilot Irad Ortiz, Jr. concurred: “They went too fast. They didn't want her to be on the lead. They went after her. She wants to run and I tried to slow her down as much as possible, but it didn't work out.”

Saturday, Del Mar
LONGINES BREEDERS' CUP DISTAFF-GI, $1,840,000, Del Mar, 11-6, 3yo/up, f/m, 1 1/8m, 1:47.67, ft.
1–MARCHE LORRAINE (JPN), 124, m, 5, by Orfevre (Jpn)
               1st Dam: Vite Marcher (Jpn), by French Deputy
               2nd Dam: Kyoei March (Jpn), by Dancing Brave
               3rd Dam: Inter Charmant, by Bravest Roman
Farm; B-Northern Farm (JPN); T-Yoshito Yahagi; J-Oisin
Murphy. $1,040,000. Lifetime Record: 21-9-2-2, $2,845,677.
*1/2 to Sambre et Meuse (JPN) (Daiwa Major {JPN}),
GSP-Jpn, $732,441; 1/2 to Avenir Marcher (JPN) (Deep
Impact {JPN}), MGSP-Jpn, $671,564. Werk Nick Rating:
A+++. Click for the eNicks report & 5-cross pedigree.
2–Dunbar Road, 124, m, 5, by Quality Road
               1st Dam: Gift List, by Bernardini
               2nd Dam: Private Gift, by Unbridled
               3rd Dam: Private Status, by Alydar
($350,000 Ylg '17 KEESEP). O-Peter M. Brant; B-Jeffery J.
Drown (KY); T-Chad C. Brown. $340,000.
3–Malathaat, 121, f, 3, by Curlin
               1st Dam: Dreaming of Julia (GISW, $874,500), by A.P. Indy
               2nd Dam: Dream Rush, by Wild Rush
               3rd Dam: Turbo Dream, by Unbridled
($1,050,000 Ylg '19 KEESEP). O-Shadwell Stable;
B-Stonestreet Thoroughbred Holdings LLC (KY); T-Todd A.
Pletcher. $180,000.
Margins: NO, HF, HD. Odds: 49.90, 12.30, 3.60.
Also Ran: Clairiere, Royal Flag, Shedaresthedevil, Blue Stripe (Arg), As Time Goes By, Horologist, Letruska, Private Mission.
Click for the chart, the PPs, or the free catalogue-style pedigree. VIDEO, sponsored by TVG.

Pedigree Notes:

Marche Lorraine is one of three highest-level winners, 12 graded/group winners and 15 stakes winners for her sire, but the first outside of Japan. Orfevre (Jpn) (Stay Gold {Jpn}) traveled with his talent as well, taking back-to-back runnings of the G2 Prix Foy in France in 2012 and 2013, only to settle for second in the G1 Prix de 'Arc de Triomphe both terms.

Broodmare sire French Deputy is now responsible for the dams of 15 Grade I/Group 1 winners from Asia, to Europe, to the U.S. and South America.

The dam of seven winners from as many to race, dam Vite Marcher is a daughter of MSW Kyoei March, making her a half to SW/MGSP Triumph March (Jpn) (Jpn) (Special Week {Jpn}). Vite Marcher produced a colt by Real Impact (Jpn) this term.

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Space Blues Gets Another for Godolphin, Appleby and Buick

Sat, 2021-11-06 18:39

Following a bit of unwelcomed deja vu when Godolphin's rail-drawn Master of the Seas (Ire) (Dubawi {Ire}) was scratched after rearing up in the gate, stablemate Space Blues (Ire) (Dubawi {Ire}) became the shortest-priced winner on what became a pretty quirky day at the Breeders' Cup, coming away late to best pacesetting local Smooth Like Strait (Midnight Lute) in the GI Fanduel Breeders' Cup Mile, presented by the Permanently Disabled Jockeys' Fund. Ivar (Brz) (Agnes Gold {Jpn}), a well-backed fourth in last year's Mile, went a good race to finish a close third.

Smooth Like Strait, the lesser preferred of the two remaining California-based milers at 10-1–Hit the Road (More Than Ready) was scratched Saturday, while Mo Forza (Uncle Mo) was the 3-1 second choice–jumped straight into the bridle for Umberto Rispoli and although he had some early company in the form of the negatively ridden Blowout (GB) (Dansili {GB}), was allowed a fairly soft time of things from the front, negotiating the opening two furlongs in :23.51. Space Blues fell into the perfect spot from third, just to the inside of 2019 Mile runner-up Got Stormy (Get Stormy), and had the leaders in the crosshairs after a half in a moderate :47.38. Given the hurry-up by William Buick five-sixteenths of a mile out, Space Blues took up the chase in earnest, pushed away from the inside with a furlong and a half to travel, had dead aim on Smooth Like Strait at the eighth pole and surged past to register a cozy success. Ivar, worse than midfield and wide into the turn, switched out in upper stretch and was along late to grab third spot. Mo Forza never landed a blow, finishing last of the 13, a field that was covered by just over six lengths in the end.

Space Blues capped his 4-year-old campaign on a three-race winning streak, landing the G1 Prix Maurice de Gheest at Deauville last August, then returned to action with a 3/4-length tally in the STC 1351 Turf Sprint Cup on the Saudi Cup undercard Feb. 20. Never truly in it when only ninth in the G1 Al Quoz Sprint at Meydan Mar. 27, the chestnut hinted at a return to his best form when a half-length fourth in the G2 Lennox S. at Goodwood July 27 ahead of a sparkling 1 1/2-length score in the G2 City of York S. Aug. 21. Space Blues proved that he was in no way ground-dependent when running out a two-length winner of the G1 Prix de la Foret at ParisLongchamp in heavy going Oct. 3, a race that has served as a useful pointer to the Mile.

“I had a good plan in my head how I thought it would work out and I wanted it to work out and it worked out a little bit better than what I hoped,” said winning jockey William Buick, who doubled up on Yibir (GB) (Dubawi {Ire}) in the Turf two races later. “I was a little bit worried if I was going to be too close to a hot pace, but the horse, Blowout, she didn't go on today, and the leader set favorable fractions, so I was right behind him and I was very happy where I was.

He continued, “We had a perfect trip and I knew today was all about getting a trip for this horse, and the way the race panned out it really played to Space Blues' strengths, and I'm delighted that he could show everyone over here what he's all about. He's been a great horse for me personally and for everyone on this team.”

Pedigree Notes:

Space Blues was the second of three winners on Breeders' Cup weekend for the outstanding Dubawi, whose lone previous winner on championship weekend came courtesy of Wuheida (GB), ridden by Buick to victory in the 2017 Filly & Mare Turf here at Del Mar.

Space Blues is a half-sister to MGSW Shuruq, who has also left her mark on American racing as the dam of Godolphin's GSW & MGISP Antoniette (Hard Spun) and Javanica (Medaglia d'Oro), runner-up in this track's GIII Jimmy Durante S. last fall. This is also the female family of G1 English 1000 Guineas winner Virginia Waters (Kingmambo).

Miss Lucifer is the dam of the unraced 3-year-old filly Beautiful Future (Ire), a daughter of Dubawi's son Night of Thunder (Ire), and a yearling filly by Dark Angel (Ire).

Saturday, Del Mar
FANDUEL BREEDERS' CUP MILE PRESENTED BY PDJF-GI, $1,840,000, Del Mar, 11-6, 3yo/up, 1mT, 1:34.01, fm.
1–SPACE BLUES (IRE), 126, h, 5, by Dubawi (Ire)
               1st Dam: Miss Lucifer (Fr) (GSW-Eng, $193,403), by Noverre
               2nd Dam: Devil's Imp (Ire), by Cadeaux Genereux (GB)
               3rd Dam: High Spirited (Ire), by Shirley Heights (GB)
O/B-Godolphin, LLC (IRE); T-Charles Appleby; J-William T.
Buick. $1,040,000. Lifetime Record: 'TDN Rising Star',
19-11-3-1, $2,585,725. *1/2 to Shuruq (Elusive Quality),
Hwt. Older Mare at 4-UAE- at 7 – 9 1/2 f., MGSW-UAE,
GSW-Tur, GSP-Eng, $658,709. Werk Nick Rating: A. Click for
the eNicks report & 5-cross pedigree.
2–Smooth Like Strait, 126, c, 4, Midnight Lute–Smooth as
Usual, by Flower Alley. O/B-Cannon Thoroughbreds, LLC
(KY); T-Michael W. McCarthy. $340,000.
3–Ivar (Brz), 126, h, 5, Agnes Gold (Jpn)–May Be Now, by
Smart Strike. O-Bonne Chance Farm, LLC & Stud R D I, LLC.;
B-Stud Rio Dois Irmaos (BRZ); T-Paulo H. Lobo. $180,000.
Margins: HF, 1, 3/4. Odds: 2.10, 10.20, 24.90.
Also Ran: Raging Bull (Fr), Got Stormy, Pearls Galore (Fr), In Love (Brz), Casa Creed, Real Appeal (Ger), Mother Earth (Ire), Blowout (GB), Vin de Garde (Jpn), Mo Forza. Scratched: Hit the Road, Master of The Seas (Ire), Queen Supreme (Ire).
Click for the chart, the PPs, or the free catalogue-style pedigree. VIDEO, sponsored by TVG.

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Hard Spun’s Aloha West Gets the Bob in BC Sprint

Sat, 2021-11-06 17:54

DEL MAR, CA – Aloha West (Hard Spun) rocketed down the Del Mar stretch to just nail Dr. Schivel (Violence) by a painful nose in an absolutely thrilling renewal of Saturday's GI Breeders' Cup Sprint.

Shuffled between runners and outsprinted toward the back of the pack in seventh as heavily favored star sophomore Jackie's Warrior (Maclean's Music) was hounded through fractions of :21.91 and :44.11, Aloha West was ready to pounce in sixth as they approached the top of the stretch.

The 1-2 favorite was the first to blink as they turned for home as Dr. Schivel, unbeaten in three previous attempts at Del Mar, including this summer's GI Bing Crosby S., rolled up to hit the front with a four-wide sweep. Dr. Schivel looked long gone from there, but Aloha West had other ideas. Still with plenty to do as they approached the final furlong, Aloha West produced an impossible run on the outside beneath Jose Ortiz and just got there to defeat Dr. Schivel by a whisker at odds of 11-1.

It was another 1 1/2 lengths back to last out GII Vosburgh S. winner and 'TDN Rising Star' Following Sea (Runhappy) in third. Jackie's Warrior, an ultra-game neck winner over Saturday's smashing GI Breeders' Cup Dirt Mile hero Life Is Good (Into Mischief) in Saratoga's GI H. Allen Jerkens Memorial S., tired to sixth.

It was a fourth Breeders' Cup winner for the easy-to-root-for trainer Wayne Catalano.

“I liked everything,” Catalano said. “I liked where we were at early in the race and the head-bob was a tough one. But you know when the results come this way we're happy. Right now, it's a good time to win a race like this. We are low on horses and have been around a long, long time. I have been reinventing myself so many times. Fifty years and counting. I just want to settle down and have a handful of nice ones in one spot and enjoy my life with my three grandkids and one more on the way.”

Sharing (Speightstown) gave winning owner Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners its first Breeders' Cup win with an 13-1 upset in the 2019 GI Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies Turf at Santa Anita. Eclipse, quite impressively, has been represented in the two-day Championships in 11 straight years now since its inception in 2011. Eclipse has had its colors carried by GI Belmont S. winner Tapwrit (Tapit) as well as fellow Grade I winners Curalina (Curlin), Danza (Street Boss), In Lingerie (Empire Maker), et al.

“It's surreal to be here,” Eclipse frontman Aron Wellman said at the post-race press conference. “This is my home track. I live five minutes down the road from Del Mar racetrack, so to do it here with my family, this guy right here [Wayne Catalano], he's a treasure to the racing industry and a Hall of Famer in my book. And Jose [Ortiz] and I have had some incredible moments together. We won a Classic four years ago, and now to win a Breeders' Cup with him, I'm surrounded by class. And the horse, of course, deserves the most credit of all. He's an incredible specimen that there's no telling how good he can be.”

He continued, “Wayne has just done and incredible job developing this colt. He only ran for the first time in February this year as a 4-year-old, and 10 months later he's a Breeders' Cup Sprint champion. That takes master horsemanship to be able to accomplish something that monumental.”

Aloha West, purchased privately by this outfit earlier this season after making his first two starts at the age of four at Oaklawn, including a debut win Feb. 7, for Catalano clients Gary and Mary West, was fourth behind a pair of next-out winners while making his stakes debut in Churchill's Kelly's Landing S. June 25. He took his game to the next level, however, in a pair of wins at Saratoga this summer, including a breakthrough 102 Beyer Speed Figure performance in a seven-furlong optional claimer Sept. 2. He kicked home impressively, clocking an :11.82 final furlong, in his first try versus graded company, just coming up a nose short to the re-opposing Special Reserve (Midshipman) in the GII Stoll Keenon Ogden Phoenix S. at Keeneland last out Oct. 8.

“[Catalano] told me two weeks ago when this horse worked at Keeneland after he was the second in the Phoenix, and this man has had his hands on some pretty serious horse flesh in his day, 3,000 wins as a jockey, almost 2,000 as a trainer, this is his fourth Breeders' Cup win, and he told me this might be the best horse he's ever had his hands on,” Wellman said. “So we're coming in here with all kinds of confidence. The way he's managed and developed this horse is clearly brilliant, so we had so much confidence going in. [Aloha West] never even won a stakes race, so to do what he did today is just magical.”

Pedigree Notes:

Aloha West becomes the second Breeders' Cup winner for Hard Spun, also represented by GI Breeders' Cup Dirt Mile hero Spun to Run. He becomes the 15th Grade I winner/45th graded stakes winner/87th stakes winner for his sire. Aloha West's broodmare sire Speightstown– winner of the 2004 GI Breeders' Cup Sprint–is now responsible for five Grade I winners/14 graded winners/38 stakes winners. Island Bound, winner of the 2012 GIII Winning Colors S. for Robert Manfuso, produced a Good Samaritan filly of 2020 ($47,000 RNA '21 FTIOCT) and a Divining Rod filly of 2021. She was bred back to Golden Lad. Her 3-year-old filly Moquist is unbeaten in four career starts, most recently capturing an optional claimer for trainer Dale Capuano in the Laurel slop Oct. 29. Aloha West co-breeder Manfuso also bred GI Kentucky Oaks heroine Cathryn Sophia (Street Boss).

Saturday, Del Mar
QATAR RACING BREEDERS' CUP SPRINT-GI, $1,820,000, Del Mar, 11-6, 3yo/up, 6f, 1:08.49, ft.
1–ALOHA WEST, 126, c, 4, by Hard Spun
1st Dam: Island Bound (GSW, $277,790), by Speightstown
2nd Dam: Indy Mood for Luv, by A.P. Indy
3rd Dam: Lovington, by Afleet
1ST GRADE I WIN. ($160,000 Ylg '18 KEESEP). O-Eclipse
Thoroughbred Partners; B-Robert Manfuso & Katharine M.
Voss (MD); T-Wayne M. Catalano; J-Jose L. Ortiz. $1,040,000.
Lifetime Record: 9-5-2-0, $1,311,068. Werk Nick Rating: A+.
Click for the eNicks report & 5-cross pedigree.
2–Dr. Schivel, 124, c, 3, Violence–Lil Nugget, by Mining for
Money. ($37,000 RNA Ylg '19 KEEJAN). O-Red Baron's Barn
LLC, Rancho Temescal LLC, Reeves Thoroughbred Racing and
Branch, William A.; B-William A. Branch & Arnold R. Hill (KY);
T-Mark Glatt. $340,000.
3–Following Sea, 124, c, 3, Runhappy–Quick Flip, by
Speightstown. O/B-Spendthrift Farm LLC (KY); T-Todd A.
Pletcher. $180,000.
Margins: NO, 1HF, 3/4. Odds: 11.30, 4.30, 20.70.
Also Ran: Special Reserve, Matera Sky, Jackie's Warrior, C Z Rocket, Firenze Fire, Lexitonian.
Click for the chart, the PPs or the free catalogue-style pedigree. VIDEO, sponsored by TVG.

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Loves Only You Gets Japan Its Breeders’ Cup Win

Sat, 2021-11-06 17:19

Over the last quarter-century, horses based in Japan have increasingly made their presence felt on the international stage, winning top races on the European continent, the Middle East, Hong Kong and places as far afield as Australia. Though clearly possessed of the horseflesh to make an impression–no matter the port of call–the Breeders' Cup had eluded the island nation, but history was made Saturday at Del Mar when the well-traveled Loves Only You (Jpn) (Deep Impact {Jpn}) sliced her way between rivals in the dying strides to salute in the GI Maker's Mark Breeders' Cup Filly & Mare Turf at Del Mar. My Sister Nat (Fr) (Acclamation {GB}), the half-sister to 2018 Filly & Mare Turf victress Sistercharlie (Ire) (Myboycharlie {Ire}), overcame some trouble to be second ahead of favored War Like Goddess (English Channel) in third.

The Breeders' Cup had always been the objective for the 5-year-old mare, who had acquitted herself with flying colors in her overseas travels this year. The 2019 G1 Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks) victress was winless in five starts on the rough-and-tumble JRA circuit last season, but kicked off 2021 on a high, with a 1 1/4-length victory as the heavy favorite in the G2 Kyoto Kinen at Hanshin over this trip in mid-February. That race served as the ideal prep for the 12-furlong G1 Longines Dubai Sheema Classic Mar. 27, where she battled her way to the lead at the furlong grounds, only to be outfinished by the world-class duo of Mishriff (GB) (Make Believe {GB}) and her compatriot Chrono Genesis (Jpn) (Bago {Fr}). From there, it was off to Hong Kong, where Loves Only You led home a Japanese 1-2-3 in the G1 FWD Queen Elizabeth II Cup going a mile and a quarter Apr. 25. Freshened up with an eye on Del Mar, the immaculately bred bay could not quite reel in reigning G1 Satsuki Sho (Japanese 1000 Guineas) winner Sodashi (Jpn) (Kurofune) and settled for a close second in the G2 Sapporo Kinen Aug. 22. Loves Only You was cross-entered for the Turf, but took her chances in this sex-restricted event.

Alertly into stride for Yuga Kawada, Loves Only You secured a nice forward position while settling into a nice rhythm, as the supplemented Going to Vegas (Goldencents) sped to the front from her rail draw. With some pace pressure to her outside, Going to Vegas set legitimate fractions for the distance, covering the opening quarter in :24.10 and a half in :47.83 while prompted by Dogtag (War Front). Loves Only You lobbed along from fourth, racing just to the inside of Love (Ire) (Galileo {Ire}) as they reached the second of three turns, while War Like Goddess was content to trail while unhurried.

Kawada took a bit of a tug to regain cover turning up the backstretch. Well within striking distance, Loves Only You was given every conceivable chance, but Julien Leparoux, who had allowed the chalk to improve by a few spots passing the half-mile marker, cut the ribbons really and truly at the three-eighths and circled up four wide outside of Love into the lane. Loves Only You, checked momentarily off heels and a bit unbalanced at the quarter pole, raced on her incorrect lead into the final eighth of a mile, quickened impressively between War Like Goddess and the rallying My Sister Nat in deep stretch and was punched out to score narrowly.

Trainer Yoshito Yahagi is one of the more charismatic trainers on the JRA circuit and has shown himself more than willing to roll the dice on foreign soil. In 2016, he traveled Loves Only You's full-brother Real Steel (Jpn) to Dubai for a half-length success in the G1 Dubai Turf and also conditioned Lys Gracieux (Jpn) (Heart's Cry {Jpn}), Japan's Horse of the Year for 2019, whose victories that year included a stunning success in the G1 Cox Plate in Melbourne, Australia. Others to have benefitted from his training program include dual-surface Group 1 winner Mozu Ascot (Frankel {GB}) and 2020 Japanese Triple Crown hero Contrail (Jpn) (Deep Impact {Jpn}).

“When we finished second at Sapporo, I picked [this] race because the turf track is similar to Del Mar,” he said post-race. “First time she went overseas, she actually wasn't that good at traveling, but she's getting better and better and she gets stronger mentally.”

Yahagi indicated that Loves Only You is set to return to Hong Kong for the Longines Hong Kong International Races meeting Dec. 12, where connections have accepted an invitation for the $3.85-million G1 Longines Hong Kong Cup.

Pedigree Notes:

Loves Only You is the first Breeders' Cup winner for the late, great Deep Impact (second starter) and hails from a female family that has been no stranger to success at this meeting. The unraced Loves Only Me was acquired by Katsumi Yoshida for $900,000 in foal to Danehill Dancer (Ire) at the 2009 Keeneland November Sale and came with plenty of pedigree appeal, as her dam Monevassia was a full-sister to dual GI Breeders' Cup Mile winner Miesque (Nureyev)'s son Kingmambo and had produced champion and future Broodmare of the Year Rumplestiltskin (Ire) (Danehill)–subsequently the dam of G1SW Tapestry (Ire) (Galileo {Ire}) and GSW John F Kennedy (Ire) (Galileo {Ire}). In addition to Kingmambo, Miesque was also responsible for G1 Poule d'Essai des Pouliches and G1 Prix de Diane heroine East of the Moon (Private Account); GSW Mingun (A.P. Indy); GSW/MG1SP Miesque's Son (Mr. Prospector), sire of 2006 Mile hero Miesque's Approval.

Loves Only Me is the dam of seven winners from eight to race, all bar the in-utero foal, by Deep Impact. The cross of the late Shadai inmate over Storm Cat and Storm Cat-line dams has been sensationally productive, accounting for nearly 20% of the stallion's 53 worldwide Grade I/Group 1 winners, including recent G1 Yasuda Kinen hero Danon Kingly (Jpn), Hong Kong Group 1-winning sire A Shin Hikari (Jpn), Satono Aladdin (Jpn) and French 1000 Guineas heroine Beauty Parlour (Jpn), among others.

Loves Only Me has also been a commercial success at the JRHA Select Sales. Loves Only You fetched ¥160 million ($1,404,800) as a yearling at the 2017 sale, while a Heart's Cry (Jpn) half-brother to Loves Only You made ¥280 million ($2,537,293) as a foal at this year's Sale. Loves Only Me is also represented by a yearling colt by Duramente (Jpn), who passed away this past September.

Saturday, Del Mar
MAKER'S MARK BREEDERS' CUP FILLY AND MARE TURF-GI, $1,840,000, Del Mar, 11-6, 3yo/up, f/m, 1 3/8mT, 2:13.87, fm.
1–LOVES ONLY YOU (JPN), 124, m, 5, by Deep Impact (Jpn)
                1st Dam: Loves Only Me, by Storm Cat
                2nd Dam: Monevassia, by Mr. Prospector
                3rd Dam: Miesque, by Nureyev
(¥160,000,000 Ylg '17 JRASAL). O-DMM Dream Club Co.;
B-Northern Farm (JPN); T-Yoshito Yahagi; J-Yuga Kawada.
$1,040,000. Lifetime Record: G1SW-Jpn & HK, G1SP-UAE,
15-7-2-3, $6,493,602. *Full to Langley (Jpn), SP-Jpn,
$1,173,360; Real Steel (Jpn), Hwt. Older Horse-UAE at 7-9.5f,
G1SW-UAE, MGSW & MG1SP-Jpn, $7,508,769; and Prodigal
Son (Jpn), SW & MGSP-Jpn, $1,564,219. Werk Nick Rating: B+.
   Click for the eNicks report & 5-cross pedigree.
2–My Sister Nat (Fr), 124, m, 6, by Acclamation (GB)
                1st Dam: Starlet's Sister (Ire), by Galileo (Ire)
                2nd Dam: Premiere Creation (Fr), by Green Tune
                3rd Dam: Allwaki, by Miswaki
(€20,000 Ylg '16 ARQFEB). O-Peter M. Brant; B-Ecurie Des
Monceaux (FR); T-Chad C. Brown. $340,000.
3–War Like Goddess, 124, f, 4, by English Channel
                1st Dam: Misty North, by North Light (Ire)
                2nd Dam: Misty Gallop, by Victory Gallop
                3rd Dam: Romanette, by Alleged
($1,200 Wlg '17 KEENOV; $1,000 RNA Ylg '18 KEESEP; $30,000
2yo '19 OBSOPN). O-George Krikorian; B-Calumet Farm (KY);
T-William I. Mott. $180,000.
Margins: HF, HD, 1HF. Odds: 4.30, 29.90, 2.30.
Also Ran: Love (Ire), Audarya (Fr), Ocean Road (Ire), Rougir (Fr), Pocket Square (GB), Acanella (GB), Dogtag, Going to Vegas, Queen Supreme (Ire). Click for the chart, the PPs or the free catalogue-style pedigree. VIDEO, sponsored by TVG.

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Life is Good Never Looks Back in Dominant Dirt Mile Performance

Sat, 2021-11-06 16:35

Brilliant 'TDN Rising Star' LIFE IS GOOD (c, 3, Into Mischief–Beach Walk, by Distorted Humor) cleared the field into the first turn and blazed through splits of :21.88, :44.94 and 1:08.76 before slamming the door on Ginobili (Munnings) en route to a jaw-dropping five or six-length romp in the GI Big Ass Fans Breeders' Cup Dirt Mile. The 3-5 chalk covered the two-turn mile in 1:34.12. Restrainedvengence (Hold Me Back), who never looked to be traveling particularly well at any point of the race, rounded out the trifecta. The winner dominated then stablemate Medina Spirit (Protonico) in Santa Anita's GII San Felipe S. in March, but was knocked off the GI Kentucky Derby trail with a hind ankle chip. Medina Spirit then went on to win the Derby for trainer Bob Baffert, but in the fallout of that runner's betamethasone positive, Life Is Good was transferred to Todd Pletcher. Life is Good was beaten a neck in a ding-dong duel in the GI H. Allen Jerkens Memorial S. by GI Sprint favorite Jackie's Warrior (Maclean's Music), and most recently aired in Belmont's GII Kelso H. Sept. 25. Sales history: $525,000 ylg '19 KEESEP.
O-WinStar Farm LLC & CHC Inc. B-Gary & Mary West Stable Inc (Ky). T-Todd Pletcher.

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Uncle Mo’s Golden Pal Speeds to Second BC Win in Turf Sprint

Sat, 2021-11-06 15:59

Breaking like shot out of a cannon, Golden Pal (Uncle Mo) marked his return to Breeders' Cup competition following a win in 2020 to double up with a score in Saturday's GI Breeders' Cup Turf Sprint. Sent off what seemed to be a bit of an overlay, the 5-2 favorite was sure-footed at the start, streaking to the front and cutting out a brisk quarter in :21.71. With Lieutenant Dan (Grazen) in hot pursuit through an equally fast half in :43.34, last year's GII Breeders' Cup Juvenile Turf Sprint winner turned for home about a length ahead of the GII Eddie D. S. scorer, kicked on all boosters in the stretch, and despite Lieutenant Dan's best intentions late, the Wesley Ward trainee was not for catching, crossing the wire 1 1/2 lengths ahead. Charmaine's Mia rounded out the trifecta. Last season's defending champion Glass Slippers (GB) (Dream Ahead) never got into the mix of things, finishing eighth.

“I was happy to get the lead easily and he responded when I asked him for run down the stretch,” said winning rider Irad Ortiz Jr. “I was confident coming for home and he still felt very strong. He was ready today.”

The victory is the second of the weekend for Ward and Ortiz Jr., who teamed up to win Friday's GII Juvenile Turf Sprint with Twilight Gleaming (Ire). It is the sixth Breeders' Cup victory for Ward and 13th for Ortiz, but first for both in the Turf Sprint.

“He's got the title–he's the best horse [I've ever trained], affirmed Ward. “Bruce Headley, a great trainer, once told me when he had [Sprint Champion] Kona Gold, 'stay in there long enough and you'll get one as good as this.' I hope everyone in horse racing has a horse like this, as special as he is. He's just fast. He's mature and he has so much upstairs, as well. He has so much natural ability. What a horse.”

Added Steven Miyadi, trainer of runner-up Lieutenant Dan, “He wasn't ready to run against a rocket ship. He ran great, probably the best race of his life.”

A runner-up finish in last year's G2 Norfolk S. at Royal Ascot proved but a taste of what was still to come for the Coolmore partners-owned runner, who rounded out his 2-year-old campaign with wins in Saratoga's Skidmore S. followed by a narrow victory on Breeders' Cup day at Keeneland. Given time off following a minor setback earlier this season, Golden Pal returned a winner in the GIII Quick Call S. at the Spa July 15 but didn't show his best when seventh in the G1 Nunthorpe S. at York Aug. 20. Freshened after that, the Florida bred went wire-to-wire last time out in the 5 1/2-furlong GII Woodford S. at Keeneland Oct. 9.

Pedigree Notes:
Golden Pal was certainly bred to be a good one, becoming the 10th Grade I/Group 1 winner for Coolmore's Uncle Mo. His illustrious dam, 'TDN Rising Star' Lady Shipman, who missed by a neck in the 2015 GI Breeders' Cup Turf Sprint–was also bred by the colt's breeder, Randy Lowe. The graded-winning mare produced an Omaha Beach colt Mar. 24 and is back in foal to Uncle Mo. A Violence half-brother to Lady Shipman RNA'd for $170,000 at Fasig-Tipton July. For more on Lowe and Golden Pal, click here for a Second Chances column.

Saturday, Del Mar
BREEDERS' CUP TURF SPRINT-GI, $920,000, Del Mar, 11-6, 3yo/up, 5fT, :55.22, fm.
1–GOLDEN PAL, 124, c, 3, by Uncle Mo
1st Dam: Lady Shipman (GSW-Can, MSW & GISP-USA, $902,387), by Midshipman
2nd Dam: Sumthingtotalkabt, by Mutakddim
3rd Dam: Nannetta, by Falstaff
1ST GRADE I WIN. ($325,000 RNA Ylg '19 KEESEP). O-Magnier,
Mrs. John, Tabor, Michael B., Smith, Derrick and Westerberg;
B-Randall E Lowe (FL); T-Wesley A. Ward; J-Irad Ortiz, Jr.
$520,000. Lifetime Record: 8-5-2-0, $1,299,056. Werk Nick
Rating: A+. Click for the eNicks report & 5-cross pedigree.
2–Lieutenant Dan, 126, g, 5, Grazen–Excusabull, by Indian
Charlie. O/B-Nick Alexander (CA); T-Steven Miyadi. $170,000.
3–Charmaine's Mia, 123, m, 5, The Factor–Charming Vixen, by
Bernstein. ($40,000 RNA Wlg '16 KEENOV; $4,000 Ylg '17
KEESEP). O-Agave Racing Stable, Medallion Racing and Rockin
Robin Racing Stables; B-Gunpowder Farms LLC (KY); T-Philip
D'Amato. $90,000.
Margins: 1 1/4, 3HF, NK. Odds: 2.50, 4.60, 28.10.
Also Ran: Emaraaty Ana (GB), A Case of You (Ire), Gear Jockey, Kimari, Glass Slippers (GB), Extravagant Kid, Chaos Theory, Fast Boat, Caravel. Scratched: Arrest Me Red, Beer Can Man, Bombard, Commander (Fr), Hollywood Talent, The Critical Way.
Click for the chart, the PPs or the free catalogue-style pedigree. VIDEO, sponsored by TVG.

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